Documentation CD-ROM

Picture of the CD-ROM

A CD-ROM, included with the book, provides electronic versions of all Documentation, Condition, and Intervention Report Forms and Diagrams presented in the publication, as well as related introductory texts and the Schemas and Concordances for instruments and bows.

This electronic resource, comprising the entire terminological, documentation, and reporting system elaborated in the publication, allows restorers, conservators, curators, and readers a convenient means to print these documents for consultation or use. Further, the forms and diagrams are editable PDFs that can be completed electronically and the electronic versions, accompanied by other digital imaging and files, can then be stored, copied, or distributed as necessary. A Symbols Palette, developed for electronically marking up damages and interventions on condition report diagrams, has also been included.

Sample documentation and condition reports are provided below. Further details, as well as samples of the Schemas and Documentation diagrams, can be found in Technical Schemas and Diagrams.

The Documentation CD-ROM comprises over 200 pages of material and constitutes a major professional and scholarly resource in its own right.


User's Guide
The Documentation of Stringed Instruments
  • Instrument Documentation Report: Detailed Examination
  • Instrument Documentation Report: Concise Examination

The Documentation of Bows
  • Bow Documentation Report: Detailed Examination
  • Bow Documentation Report: Concise Examination

Measuring and Graphing Bow Graduations, Low Point, Camber, and Balance Point
  • Bow-stick Graduation Tables and Graphs

Condition and Intervention Reporting for Stringed Instruments and Bows
  • Terms and Symbols for Condition Reporting
  • Symbols Palette
  • Instrument Condition Report
  • Instrument Condition Update
  • Instrument Intervention Report
  • Bow Condition Report
  • Bow Condition Update
  • Bow Intervention Report

  • Instrument Schemas
  • Concordance of Instrument Terms
  • Bow Schemas
  • Concordance of Bow Terms

Sample Concise Instrument Documentation Report

The Documentation Report consists of an editable form, in which it is also possible to paste images, followed by a series of diagrams with circles designed for entering measurements.

Sample Instrument Condition Report

Sample Bow Condition Report

The Condition Report consists of an editable form for detailing damages and interventions for the different parts of the instrument or bow, combined with diagrams of the relevant part on the same page. A series of symbols that can copied, pasted, oriented, and resized allow for digitally marking up the diagrams.