• Notes Review – Music Library Association
    13 Feb 2014 - 00:33


    “... represents a truly monumental advance in the state of the art [of musical instrument conservation] ... Photographs and extraordinary technical drawings illustrate nearly every article.”

    “this tool should be available and publicized in all academic institutions supporting a string program and in public libraries supporting sizable music

    “This publication possesses tremendous potential for supporting an important information need among string players, serves a good cause, and will wear well as it graces a reference collection. It is the perfect candidate for purchase using special acquisition funds. It would also be worth reaching out to local violin dealers and prominent local musicians to seek contributions toward its purchase.”

    “I can only offer the most fervently enthusiastic endorsement. Any library that can manage and justify the expense must add these volumes to their shelves.”

    – Daniel F. Boomhower, Library of Congress

  • JAMIS Review
    26 Feb 2013 - 12:19


    “Monumental … its value as an important, new standard reference work is unquestionable”

    “An essential primer in important concepts regarding the nature of musical instruments as objects: on the competing roles of violins as primary documents of their time, as working tools, and as works of art or stores of wealth”

    “Wide applicability to other sorts of musical instruments”

    “A fascinating look at recent research on historical bows, the history of the violin market and the origins of instrument collecting, and issues of authenticity and expertise … these essays are particularly good examples of close studies of physical and historical characteristics”

    “Thought-provoking, important, and even controversial points about the epistemology of historical musical instruments, not limited to violins and their bows”

    “The value of the diagrams naming each part of the violin and bow in marvelous detail, along with an index of terms in English, French, Italian, and German, cannot be overstated, as nothing exists in prior literature that even approaches the thoroughness presented here”

    “An admirable achievement and a work of remarkable generosity”

    – Arian Sheets, National Music Museum

  • Gary Sturm Review in Journal of the American Conservation Institute (JAIC): "This undertaking gets two thumbs up"
    9 Nov 2012 - 22:00

    Gary Sturm, Curator Emeritus of Musical Instruments, Smithsonian Institute, calls The Conservation “An encyclopedic masterwork … truly unrivaled in scope and merit.”

    "Who needs to have this work? … Although the focus is on bowed string instruments, the discussion of placing value on an artifact is transferable to any object that is revered for its function, such as automobiles, mechanical clocks and watches, or furniture. In that light, volume 1 is a must-read ... These volumes are intelligently organized and incomparable in breadth and inspiration."

    JAIC is the leading peer-reviewed journal for technical studies, research papers, and book reviews relating to the field of conservation and preservation of historic and cultural works.

    Read the whole review here:

  • Review in Galpin Society Journal
    23 Jul 2012 - 12:33

    "This work belongs in the libraries of teaching and academic institutions, and in the hands of all musical instrument researchers … Definitive and authoritative … the work’s scope and usefulness extends to the conservation of all musical instruments made of wood, including keyboards and woodwinds ... It is the first time that issues of conservation and restoration of musical instruments have been explored with such depth, insight and subtlety in one coherent work … The quality of the production is exceptional.”
    – Galpin Society Journal

  • The Conservation Shortlisted at Leipzig International Book Arts Competition
    6 Apr 2012 - 13:36

    The Conservation was shortlisted for an award at the 2012 international "BEST BOOK DESIGN FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD" exhibition at the Frankfurt and Leipzig Book Fairs, curated by the Stiftung Buchkunst (Foundation for Book Arts), which is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

    The Conservation was one of about 50 books shortlisted out of 540 books submitted by 31 countries; 14 awards were presented to finalists at the Leipzig Book Fair in March 2012.

    The Stiftung Buchkunst, a private foundation, is sponsored by the Association of German Book Sellers, the German National Library, the cities of Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig, the Ministry of Culture and Media of the State of Hesse, and by the Friends of the Foundation for Book Arts.

  • The Conservation Featured by Gramophone
    4 Apr 2012 - 21:43

    The UK's Gramophone features The Conservation on its website, together with a photo gallery.

    Click on the link below to view the photo gallery.

  • IPCI on The Violin Shop Blog
    28 Mar 2012 - 14:50

    Here's an article on The Conservation and the IPCI on the Violin Shop blog from Fein Violins,"Without Trees There Is No Music: The Conservation of Pernambuco Wood."

  • Triple Play: Newark Violin Making Students Rally Their Skills to Support Community, School, and IPCI
    18 Feb 2012 - 21:56

    Newark Violin Project

    Students from nine different countries studying at the UK's Newark School of Violin Making have devised an ingenious initiative to showcase their craft, support local music schools and a young musician, and acquire the IPCI-Canada books for their school. The sixteen students have combined their skills to make a violin that they will donate to a local music school – but they are doing so by soliciting 1000 BPS in sponsorships from local businesses and patrons. With the funds raised the students will in turn purchase a copy of The Conservation, Restoration, and Repair of Stringed Instruments and Their Bows that they will donate to their school. And in doing so, they will also be contributing to IPCI research, reforestation, and education projects!

    According to Antoni Ruschil, the final-year student who is leading the effort, the addition of the book to their library will “raise the standard of the school.” Ruschil added that “The ethical principles behind the book are as important as the book itself.” And regarding the Newark violin, Ruschil said “It's wonderful to think of a player's passion for music growing with the instrument they were given, and it would be a great reward to us to contribute towards a player’s enjoyment and development – maybe even a career.”

  • Opus Prize for Contributions to Instrument Making
    1 Feb 2012 - 04:23

    With reference to The Conservation and its concern for environmental protection, the Conseil Québécoise de la Musique (CQM) and the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC) have awaded Tom Wilder a Special Opus Prize – Quebec's version of a Grammy – for contributions to instrument making.

    From the prize citation:

    "The jury recognizes Tom Wilder for his contributions to lutherie in North America and beyond ... For many years, Wilder has dedicated himself to promoting environmental issues and to the preservation of an invaluable natural resource. He has produced an audacious work that is invaluable to scholars, conservators, and instrument and bow makers and, in so doing, is a leader in promoting the adoption of best practices."

  • Publishers Weekly Feature
    18 Jan 2012 - 21:24

    Publishers Weekly, the world's leading magazine on all-things-publishing, profiles The Conservation, Restoration, and Repair of Stringed Instruments and Their Bows for its high style, content, and contribution to the environment and culture.